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We happy to help anyone find full-time teaching roles in China, and welcome you to apply below.

Besides our summer camp projects, we also offer well-paid full-time teaching roles at our partner schools in Beijing and elsewhere around China. Rates of pay range between US$1000-3000 per month, depending on which schools you join (pay is lower in small towns and schools with short schedules, and highest in big cities at schools with full schedules.) To apply for a role or register your interest, please just fill in our form below. We will then set up a job for you within 2-4 weeks and help you through the visa application process.

Please note that in most cases you will need a TEFL certificate and/or Bachelor’s degree to apply, depending on the role you are looking for. If you don’t have a BA, you can still apply for gap-year roles through our government ministry gap year programme partner. You always require a TEFL certificate, so if you don’t have one then we welcome you to apply for one of our TEFL summer camps to get one free on this link or you can write to us and we can offer you the Gotoco TEFL certificate which meets Chinese government guidelines for you online for £600 (if you join us with a position then we can refund this full amount and the school will pay it.)

Looking forward to hearing from you!