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Next Steps:

We hope you are excited about the possibility of joining us in China this summer! To secure your position with us, these are the necessary steps that you must take – you will need to do so in order

1. Apply

2. Get an offer from our team

3. Sign our terms and conditions by clicking here

4. Pay our application deposit (a refundable £100 or $125) so that we can begin the final steps to confirm your position, do so just click here

5. Take part in the first stage of our video interviews with the programmes by clicking here

6. Have a final one-on-one phone-call with the school you are invited to join to learn more about their programme and confirm that it is right for you

7. Finally confirm that you wish to take the offer by responding to our email

8. Confirm your participation 100% by providing the second half of the deposit (£100/$125 refundable) by clicking here

9. Upload your passport details by clicking here, with your pre-departure info (insurance, vaccines, flight info) here so that we can prepare for your arrival