You can refer to this page anytime for our updated contact details.

Urgent Queries

For urgent queries, it is best to follow up on our team’s Wechat account with Lisha Tang. You should already be in touch with her as she has been organising the school Wechat groups over the summer – you can add her and chat or call about any problem at anytime on the following Wechat ID: gantu-international

General Queries

For all other queries, it is best to email the Gotoco team directly at the address below and whichever office member is on duty will answer your query as soon as possible. Feel free to mark emails as urgent in the subject line if you would like a priority answer: [email protected] 


Your Gotoco project manager will be your emergency contact during the summer programmes across China, in cases of genuine emergencies that cannot wait for a response from our team Wechat and email account. We will update this page with your emergency contact details before you leave for China this summer.

Emergency phone numbers are only displayed to logged in users – please login to see them or email us if you don’t have a site account and would like to arrange a phone call