Further to our last email in which you were told that some schools might wish to conduct interviews with you before confirming an offer of a place, you have been selected you for an interview with a school in Quanzhou called Quanzhou Weibo, the placement runs for two months between 1st July and 1st September. Please read on below about Wechat and then add the interviewer on your wechat account – interviewer’s user ID is AMO18106998686

If you are successful in the interview your position will then be confirmed and you will be put in touch with your team and can move on to the next stage which is flight bookings. Those that are successful in this interview will find out their school allocations promptly, those that are unsuccessful will still be given a position in China but will experience a delay in finding out which school exactly they get to join – this would in turn delay their flight bookings and visa processing.

As of 2016 we no longer offer interviews via Skype. Now all of our interviews are conducted through Wechat. Wechat is the most popular communications platform in China, it looks similar to Whatsapp but is used for everything in China, from communicating with friends, to posting social media updates, to paying for beers and booking taxis and train tickets. We do it this way because it makes it much easier for schools to follow up with you after interview, it is also a great way for you to connect with the volunteers you will be working with over the summer and it gets you used to an incredibly useful app that will make your time in China much simpler

Book an interview in 5 steps:

1. Scroll down to the timezone selecting tool, choose your timezone. Then go to the calendar, click on a day and then a list of available times will appear

2. Select your preferred time, input your name, email address and Wechat ID then click confirm.

*Please remember that China is GMT+8hours and the calendar could mislead you. If you are based in the UK and choose an interview on e.g 22nd March at 0600 China time then this interview would take place on 21st March at 2200 GMT. An added complication is that while China is always GMT+8, the UK is GMT+0 half of the year and GMT+1 once British Summer time begins (BST began on March 27th this year)

3.You should receive a confirmation email notification within 30 minutes, followed by a reminder 24 hours before your interview takes place. If you don’t see these messages, please check your spam folder

4. Before the interview takes place, please add your interviewer on Wechat, the user ID is mentioned above (if you fail to add the ID before the interview takes place then the interviewer may think that you forgot about the interview and so may cancel your interview

5. At the time of the interview, if you don’t hear from the interviewer for any reason, please send the interviewer a message on Wechat

If you have any problems with arranging an interview please email your contact at Gotoco

For help with Wechat, please follow this link go-to.co/wechat/

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