Since 2011, more than 500 students from around the world have joined our programmes. Please read through some of their comments below.

Amy Batty, University of Lancaster, 2012

Teaching in China was an amazing and interesting experience…
read more

Alex Shavick, Trinity College Oxford, 2013 and 2014

The classes were in the morning and then in the afternoon we supervised…read more

Christie Cocking, Loughborough University, 2014

I enjoyed meeting new people and making friends. Being at Dahuwai was fun… read more

Holly Cramer, Exeter University, 2014

I believe it has widened my cultural knowledge and encouraged my interest for…read more

Raymond Lai, University of Warwick, 2014

Working as a teacher at Dahuwai Great Outdoor School this summer has been one of the most rewarding experiences…read more

Rebecca Hollingshead, University of Winchester, 2015

I really enjoyed the experience. I enjoyed teaching a variety of different children…read more

Abbie Hull-Steward, St. John’s Durham, 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the children and forming close relationships…read more

Ellen Pfehl, Keble College Oxford, 2014

I really enjoyed the outdoor activities when we got to spend time with the kids…read more

Frances Timberlake, Lady Margaret Hall Oxford, 2014

After having got used to the teaching and lesson planning, being able to really interact…read more

Joe Lovell-McNamee, Manchester, 2013 and 2014

I found I enjoyed getting to know the other participants, and socialising…read more

Perry Dunn, Queen’s College Cambridge, 2014

The rooftop bars, the abandoned hotel, the people, the ceaseless hubbub… read more

Raff Ianetta, Emmanuel College Cambridge, 2014

The weekly outdoor barbecues and fruit parties given by the college were brilliant… read more

David Parton, St. Hilda’s Oxford, 2015

The best part of the programme included exploring Chongqing in my free time, exploring China…read more

Georgie Logan, Pembroke College Cambridge, 2015

The lessons were great: seeing the kids getting excited by an activity you’d prepared…read more

Miranda Lee, Jesus College Cambridge, 2015

My most enjoyable part of the trip was teaching in Zhecheng as we got regular classes…read more

Rob Loveridge, Jesus College Cambridge, 2015

The trip was great all round. I’ll keep the classroom stuff to the following…read more


Sierra Janik, Yale, 2015
Most weekday nights we held English Corner, where the students could…read more

Verity Musselwhite Steel, St. Aidan’s Durham, 2015

My five weeks in China in Chongqing are unrivalled as the best five weeks of my life…. read more