Gotoco Camp China

Are programmes cancelled for summer 2020? 

Currently, it is very unlikely that July programmes will be able to go ahead, and, due to this, we recommend that you make other plans closer to home for July. However, there are more positive signs for August and September programmes as life in China is returning to a new normal. We will make a final announcement:

  • on July programmes by 15th June 2020 latest
  • on August programmes by 16th July 2020 latest
  • on September programmes by mid-August at the latest 

On 27th March 2020 China suspended entry for all foreign nationals. If this travel ban is lifted and visa centres reopen, and our team of China experts confirm that our three requirements are met (as set out in our January update below), then we are ready to move forward with programme confirmations, visa processing and flight bookings. 

We are leaving the possibility of running the programmes open until the dates listed above because everyone on our team is very committed to creating meaningful people-to-people cultural exchange and adventure travel opportunities for all Gotoco’ers. As long as there is a chance to make the summer camps a reality for you, we will be here working hard to do so.

We appreciate that you might, however, want to decide on your participation now, which is why we have extended all offers until 2021, to give you the freedom to choose what you would like to do this summer, safe in the knowledge that you can join us in China at a later date.

We will notify you immediately if any programmes are able to go ahead in summer 2020, and you will be able to choose at that point if you would like to join the programmes this year or continue to wait until 2021. If you would prefer to withdraw fully now and give up your place for 2021, please go to this link for more information.