Gotoco Camp China

Can I access the TEFL training now?

Yep! If you have paid deferred your summer 2020 offer or paid your deposit for summer 2021, then you can access the TEFL documents here.

If you haven’t yet paid a deposit but would like to do the online TEFL training, then you can do so on this link. We’ve made the TEFL available widely now to help those looking for online teaching jobs during the pandemic.

Our online TEFL is a valuable certificate for securing online tutoring jobs and for showing other employers your range of skills and interests. You can complete the online TEFL now and receive the 50-hour online certificate. In future when you join us on a programme in China and complete the required hours teaching practicum on the ground in a school, then you will be able to upgrade to the full 120-hour TEFL, that you can use for TEFL jobs and visas around the world. Practicum TEFL certifications of this sort usually cost a lot of money, but we provide it to Gotoco’ers fully-funded by programmes in China. We want to continue to provide the online training to you in advance of your trip to China so that you can benefit from it now and be prepared for when you get to China.