Gotoco Camp China

We encourage all of our volunteers to travel China as much as they can after finishing their programme. We can help you work out where you want to travel and point you in the right direction. Travelling to Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau and back into China counts as leaving China and re-entering, so, if you plan to visit these places during your stay, you will have to make sure your visa permits this before planning your trip. You can learn more about visa requirements by reading our FAQ on crossing the Hong Kong and Macau borders.

Our base in Yangshuo, where you will end your time in China with us, is a great place to launch further travel from, as it and neighbouring Guilin have abundant high-speed rail links across southern China, including to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and across Guangdong province, as well as to Changsha in Hunan or Guiyang in Guizhou, among others. A popular route with past Gotoco-ers would see you start by visiting the beautiful Longji rice terraces near Guilin, before travelling north to Zhangjiajie, a stunning national park in Hunan province, whose scenery inspired the Hallelujah mountains in Avatar, and then on west to Chongqing or Chengdu in Sichuan province.

We can offer travel recommendations based on how much time you have and whether you’d rather visit busy urban centres, see beautiful nature, travel to places off the beaten trail, sample culinary delights, or explore cultural relics. From Yangshuo, you could also travel down to southeast Asia, as Vietnam is only a roughly 8-hour bus journey from Yangshuo.

We’re always here to guide you in planning your trip!

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