Gotoco Camp China

We require a small programme confirmation deposit. We are a social enterprise committed to making your trip to China as convenient and low-cost as possible, which is why we don’t charge any fees to take part. The deposit simply confirms your commitment to coming to China, and is returned to you once you have completed your summer programme and provided feedback. 

The deposit is requested in two instalments of £100 each (or equivalent in your local currency). The first is before we arrange for the consultative interview (by phone) between you and the programme in China. The second instalment is to confirm you wish to hold the offer with the particular programme after your interview. We will need this paid in full before we can issue you with a visa invitation letter or TEFL course documentation, to ensure you are committed to coming to China and that your programme can plan for your arrival. The deposits are paid via Paypal, and a payment link will be automatically sent to you when you reach the right points in the application process.

For more information about our deposit terms, such as refund terms, please check out this page:

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