Gotoco Camp China

How can we keep up to date with reasonable, non-sensational information?

Sources to stay tuned to

Other than the Gotoco team, we advise you to check out the following:

There are tech tools and links to reliable information in this handbook

The British Chamber of Commerce in China

Excellent local news source that avoids sensationalism and provides updates on the real situation

Medical assessment of the situation from January summarising some key points

Global authorities:

USA state department:

USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

World Health Organisation:

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office:

For those with knowledge of China, WeChat is a great resource for staying tuned with situations in various cities.

Sources to avoid: 

As ever please avoid any Tabloid press (Daily Mail, Express, Sun, Mirror etc), and other websites that need to compete for clicks.

Social media tends not to give an accurate representation, there is a tendency for people to enjoy ‘marking yourself safe’ or videos with no context or accurate explanations to share the publicity generated by crises such as this one. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook have been particularly bad.