Gotoco Camp China

What’s included?

Accommodation and meals are provided free of charge at your programme. Most added extras are also provided free of charge so your personal costs are kept to a minimum, including free

  • Free placement service to join one of over 100 exciting programmes across China
  • Funded TEFL training and certification
  • Free bedroom and meals throughout your programme
  • Free 5 day holiday to Yangshuo, a stunningly beautiful mountain town between Hong Kong and the Vietnamese border.
  • Free guidance on applying for a visa and booking flights
  • Free 24/7 support throughout your time in China
  • Free post-programme support for job references and career opportunities
  • For UK based applicants, free background and criminal records check (for UK based applicants, this means a DBS or equivalent)

What’s not included?

You will need to pay for your own flights, visa and travel within China but will receive meals and accommodation at the programmes. You will then only need money for extra food and drinks and activities outside the programme.

How much do things in China cost?

For reference or for estimating cost of post-programme tourism, please find some prices of common items below (all prices are averages and vary depending on your location)

  • one litre of Qingdao beer in a bar: C¥3-30
  • a meal in a good restaurant: C¥30 yuan per dish
  • snacks from street vendors: C¥5-10 per item
  • a short taxi journey in most cities costs C¥15-25, journeys of an hour can cost C¥100
  • accommodation in a dorm room in a normal backpacker hostel: C¥30-80
  • an overnight journey of 10 hours or less on a train with a bed: under C¥200

How much should I budget?

It is possible to have an interesting time travelling around China after our programmes on a shoestring budget of around 4000RMB/month At the time of writing C¥10 was equivalent to £1.10 or US$1.44.

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