Gotoco Camp China

We are passionate about making these opportunities available to whomsoever is interested in coming. We focus on recruitment efforts at universities because students are always excited about joining our programmes and usually have the time available in the summer, not because we only accept university students.

We are very happy to consider applications from those without a university background or those that have graduated already. Besides students, we particularly welcome applications from those on gap-years and pre-university students. However, if you are under 18, then we will need express guardian permission before you come to China. We always make sure you join a likeminded team with shared interests and similar stages in life.

We have no particular requirements other than that you be open to an adventure and excited about teaching. We do our best to set up placements for people from all sorts of backgrounds. We are also very happy to arrange customised programmes for those that are in groups or in non-typical age groups.

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