Gotoco Camp China

If I paid a deposit, is my place for summer 2020 deferred to summer 2021?

Yes! If you paid your deposit to join us in China for summer 2020, then your place is deferred to summer 2021 and you can access the online TEFL materials now. To confirm your deferral, please just go to this link.

If you definitely can’t make it in summer 2021 and don’t want to benefit from our TEFL now, then you can withdraw your application on this link. We’ll still be here to help you plan a trip to China in future, and can always be contacted by email if you have any questions—we’ve lived in China for a decade and are always very happy to help others explore this fascinating country!

The deadline for confirming your deferral or cancelling your place is 15 March 2021. We have extended this deadline as long as possible to give you time to decide what you would like to do next summer in the new year.