Gotoco Camp China

Most major cities have subway systems, and smaller cities or rural areas have buses and trains. Ask for information on public transport, including how and where to buy tickets, from your programme coordinators.

For longer journeys, your programme coordinators will be able to help you plan your trip and purchase tickets, although you will usually need to pay for yourself unless it is for a programme activity.

The train network in China is vast and often inexpensive, with both regular and high-speed trains crisscrossing the country daily. It is well-worth trying out a high-speed train while you are there, and an overnight sleeper train is a must! If you are travelling to and from Yangshuo at the end of your time in China, then consider getting a slow train on the way there and a high-speed train on the way back (or vice-versa). Beware that tickets often do sellout quickly, so talk to your programme coordinators about buying tickets well in advance.

If you need any extra assistance, do not hesitate to contact your Gotoco representative.

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