Gotoco Camp China

Our TEFL is offered in-house. This means we deliver and tailor the training segment to suit the needs of our programmes and our participants. The TEFL is awarded on the basis of 120 hours training and practice, which takes into account upwards of 70 hours teaching and lesson planning, as well as the 50 hour online course, delivered via PDF prior to and during the projects. Many schools also give you basic TEFL refresher training prior to beginning your teaching. Our TEFL will teach you TEFL’s core principles and enable you to get much more out of your programme.

There are nine chapters to the PDF training course covering different aspects of teaching in the classroom, with tips for resources, activities and on joining programmes in China. There are short questions to work through at the end of each chapter. At the end of the summer, once you have completed the questions and hours in the classroom, you will need to complete the short exercises and send them in for review. We will then issue you with your TEFL certificate.

The majority of TEFLs available on the market are offered by private institutions such as ours. Unlike degrees and some other certifications, there is as yet no overall accrediting body applicable to TEFLs, just a few larger institutions  that provide awards—such as Cambridge (CELTA) and Trinity London (TESOL).

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