Gotoco Camp China

It is always an option to go it alone, turn up in China and see what kind of summer experiences you can find. But those of you that would prefer to have our assistance will find multiple benefits including savings on cost and hassle, as well as much-enhanced experiences overall. The opportunity to obtain a TEFL free-of-charge and join a programme in China is unique and highly sought after, and we look forward to helping you have a fun and engaging summer in China.

Gotoco is not a recruitment agency, we are a social enterprise committed to maximising your experience in China. Our social mission is to improve cross-cultural understanding and foster a strong, inclusive global community through accessible international cultural exchange and educational projects in China. We make sure that all positions are as educational, exciting and useful for participants as they are for the local students. Every partner in China is able to offer support for our TEFL training and Chinese lessons, as well as some local excursions.

The Gotoco team has been setting up summer youth exchange programmes since 2011, so we really know how to manage quality and ensure people get the best out of their experiences. Our dedicated team will always be just an email or WeChat message away to help you and make sure you get as much out of the experience as possible.

The team you join will usually be made up of other like-minded individuals who are keen to have an incredible summer learning about China and the world. Participants tend to form life-long close bonds with the others on their teams. We offer good quality food and accommodation and are on-hand to troubleshoot and help with any difficulties you face during any part of the process.

Our pre-departure preparation support includes organising the complex paperwork for your visa, in cooperation with the relevant authorities in China which is something individuals on their own often struggle with. If you have any problems during your placement we will be able to re-allocate you to one of our numerous other programmes around the country—which is something that would be hard to do if you went alone.

Our team strives to make your experience in China as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, to give you a great learning experience and an unforgettable summer.

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