Gotoco Camp China

In line with China’s visa laws, you cannot be paid for your time in China unless you have a work (Z) visa. To obtain a work (Z) visa, you need to have completed an undergraduate degree and have two years of relevant work experience, or already have a TEFL qualification for certain teaching jobs in China.

We provide added benefits: you receive free accommodation and meals at the programmes and 5 nights of accommodation in Yangshuo at the end, as well as options such as Mandarin lessons and cultural excursions. Unlike most similar programmes, as a social enterprise, we impose no fees on participants to make the experience as affordable as possible and allow as many people as possible to explore China and earn a TEFL certificate.  Our social mission is to improve cross-cultural understanding and foster a strong, inclusive global community through accessible international cultural exchange and educational projects in China.

If you are concerned about funding your flight and visa, we also recommend you look into grant and scholarship opportunities at your university or school, or from independent bodies. If you have questions on this, or need us to assist you with a grant application, please don’t hesitate to email us at recruitment[at]

Please also check out our FAQ on how much money you will need for the summer.

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