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Programme Information:

This programme is focused on adventure and outdoor activities. They want you to be a proactive and outgoing team member to help the students on the camps have as much fun as possible in an educational environment. They aim to develop campers’ soft skills and ensure they learn through fun and interactive tasks.

You are eligible for a TEFL on this programme and will focus on situational learning—a vital skill for any TEFL teacher. These camps are a fun way to spend your summer, and allow you to be very proactive and get involved in a range of activities, helping your campers to develop through their time on the camp.

To learn more about residential summer camps in China, check out more information on our dedicated page here.

If you would prefer to practise your skills by teaching English directly in a classroom, just let us know and we will find the right programme for you.

Project Information

General Programme Introduction

Introduction to the area where the project takes place

During this programme, you will visit several different parts of China, but Yangshuo in Guangxi will be your main base, where you take part in training and have your rest days.

Yangshuo is a small town set among stunning karst mountain ranges on either side of the tranquil Li river. Yangshuo has a huge range of outdoor activities and entertainment options and is rightly considered by Lonely Planet to be the number one travel destination in China. It has been Gotoco’s main base in China since 2011 because it is so stunningly beautiful, and has lots of interesting things going on, as well as a great bar/restaurant scene and many fun things to do, from cycling in the countryside, to swimming and relaxing on the beaches.

Check out Lonely Planet's description of Yangshuo here: "Pedalling across the rice fields through Yangshuo’s soaring limestone peaks is often the top experience of travellers in China. If you’re like most, you’ll come to Yangshuo for a couple of days after the Li River cruise but end up staying far longer. Yangshuo is more of an international backpacking colony than a Chinese village but it’s an ideal base from which to explore the countryside. It certainly beats Guilin for the unrivalled opportunity to soak up local flavours on the cheap. The activities and day trips from here could easily fill up a week or more."

Introduction to this project

School name and location

Yangshuo Insight Adventures Outdoor and Cultural Programme

What is the name of the person that runs the programme

Yangshuo Insight Adventures Outdoor and Cultural Programme

Programme Details


Please don't book an interview if these dates don't work for you, if availability is one or two days out please discuss with the interviewer on Wechat before proceeding to interview.

Start date[s] for projects


End date[s] for projects


Extra information about dates

You are invited to join us from 31 August, with the first day of training on 1 September. The schedule will roughly be as below, but please note that changes could be made based on local conditions and change in requirements:

31 August: Arrive in Yangshuo
1-4 September: 4 days of training, including certified first aid training.
6-12 September: first camp session; you will be assisting and learning about how our camps work in this session. The likely locations will be Beijing or Sanya.
15-16 September: Mandarin and cultural lessons for 6 hours per day.
19-26 September: main camp session where you are a group leader. Likely locations: Anqi (Zhejiang) or Yangshuo
27 September: invited to have 5 nights of free accommodation in Yangshuo from Gotoco for a holiday

You are invited to visit Yangshuo for five nights from when your time with the programme ends on 27 September. You can either visit Yangshuo straight from the camp or do your own independent travelling first and join us in Yangshuo for five nights when you are ready.

Exact departure dates will be confirmed after your interview.


More info about the project location

The main base will be in Yangshuo, Guangxi province. This is where all your training and rest days will be. Yangshuo is a beautiful town with lots of fun outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, parasailing, and much more.

The actual camps will be in several locations and we will provide transport for you to and from the camp locations. The camps will likely be in Beijing, Sanya (Hainan province), Anji (Zhejiang province), and Yangshuo.

The programme locations vary between cities and rural village areas, some are surrounded by nature. Most locations are within 1 hour or less from a city centre or major transport hub. Each of these locations offer a variety of different attractions ranging from cultural sites in the cities to national parks in remote forest areas. Insight Adventures will offer more information and detail on the locations depending on where GOTOCO students are located.


Some information about student participant numbers

We will welcome 100 students onto the camps Gotoco participants are on, with about 50 per session.

What age range are the student participants

The students will range in age from eight to sixteen years old.

Some information about class/group sizes

Each Gotoco participant will usually lead a group of 20 students at a time.

A brief introduction to this project's student participants

Most are International schools students from around the world. The majority of students are Chinese, but we do some have students from all over the world.

Please provide more information about the student participants stage of learning

English is the students second language in most cases, they have good listening and speaking skills. Their reading and writing skills are beginner to intermediate.

How many other Gotoco participants will be joining this programme

We will welcome 20 Gotoco participants to our programme this summer.

Information about level of the project's permanent staff's bilingualism and English speaking abiliity

In most cases each participant will be pasired with a bilingual assistant to help in the program. All Insight Adventures Chinese staff are bilingual and have gone through a screening process by our HR team.


What information will Gotoco participants be offered before arrival

We will be in touch on Wechat to answer everyone's questions and make sure you have the information you need before you come out. However, most information will be provided during actual orientation once you arrive.

Will the Gotoco participants receive any additional training on arrival

Yes, we will provide teaching on arrival for participants. The training will consist of 4 days:

Day 1 - Safeguarding and Risk Assessment

Day 2 - Facilitation Skills (Group Leading)

Day 3 - Team Building (Activity Knowledge)

Day 4 - First Aid Course (8 hours Certificate)

The First Aid course will provide you with an official 8-hour Wilderness First Aid Certificate.


How will time off work for Gotoco participants

Participants will get rest between all of the sessions mentioned above. This amounts to about 5 days of full rest up to 26 September, and then the 5-day break in Yangshuo at the end.

How many hours will Gotoco participants be on the projects each day

Prep Day 9am to 2pm; Trip Day 9am - 7pm; rest time 12-1pm

How will Gotoco participants be organised and informed about schedules

We will provide information on the timetable before the camp starts and always try to give updates in a timely fashion.

Who will be the main contact person for Gotoco participants

Your interviewer on Wechat will be your main point of contact before and during your trip, they will make a Wechat group with the others in your team too so you can chat together.

Please provide more information about what the Gotoco participants will help with

The camps consist of fun outdoor adventure activities and cultural sessions. Activities include rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking. You will receive detailed information and training on arrival in China. There will be activity leaders for the adventure sports, and you will be a group leader responsible for helping the kids, especially between activities. If you have particular experience in one of the activities, then you could also be considered for an activity leader position.

Will the project involve any outdoor or cultural activities

The camps are focused on outdoor adventure, so you'll be doing lots of activities and should come prepared for an action-packed few weeks in China!


What is your project's mission

a. Our organization's goal in running the programme is to offer outdoor education and experiential learning programs to students from a variety of different backgrounds that live in China and South East Asia. The goal of our programmes is to create a platform for students's personal development through unforgettable outdoor experiences.

b. Our programmes are tailor-made to suit our clientele's educational and curricular needs.

c. The participants should be excited to join the programme as they will be given the opportunity to explore unique areas of China whilst being part of a team of multicultural like-minded people.

Accommodation Arrangements

What type of accommodation will the Gotoco participants be hosted in

In Yangshuo, participants will stay in our staff dormitories with about 4 people sharing a room. These are in a beautiful location just outside Yangshuo town centre, among stunning scenery. On the camps, participants will stay in rooms near or on the campsite.

Will Wifi etc be available

There will be wifi in the accommodation for participants to use.

How close is accommodation to the project

Although it depends on the particular location all accomodation is within 30 mins bus of the activity locations. A proportion of the location accomodation is at the site and only erequires a few mintues walk. Again this is dependant on the location the participant is located in.

Will Gotoco participants share accommodation?

There could be around 4 Gotoco participants sharing a dorm.

Food and Conditions

How will the meals be provided to Gotoco participants

We will provide meals in our accommodation for participants to eat.

Will there be food provided for vegetarian Gotoco participants

We will endeavour to provide good meals for vegetarians, Chinese cuisine generally works well for vegetarians. The Buddhist culture and historical situation of the country has created a very diverse and varied cuisine which often relies more on spices and vegetables than it does on meats. While many meals do have meat in them, they can be prepared without meat if needed.

Will you be able to cater to Gotoco participants with food allergies

Please make us aware prior to meals about any of your needs regarding allergies or special dietary requirements.

We will endeavour to be helpful.In China meals also usually have quite a lot of dishes to choose from so people can usually find something that works for them.

Will the Gotoco participants have access to shops/restaurants to purchase food and other things?

There are lots of shops and restaurants in town, and we have lots of amenities at our accommodation (which is also our office location!).

Cultural Exchange

Will other cultural activities be offered?

Cultural exchange activities include and are not limited to traditional fan painting, local cultural shows, cooking school, community service at a local school. These are examples and this doesn't include the opportunities for students to interact with Chinese people whilst on trips.

Will Mandarin lessons be offered?

There will be 2 days of Mandarin classes - 6 hours of class per day - in group classes.


Can you offer airport/train station pickup

We will pick participants up from a convenient airport or train station. We will provide more details on the arrival procedures after the interview.

We recommend arriving into Hong Kong airport and taking the train to Yangshuo, as it is nearby.

Can you help them to travel onwards to Yangshuo or get them to airports to return home at the end of the project

We can take you to the train/airport station at the end of the camps so that you can arrange your onward transit to Yangshuo or other destinations.


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