our mission

Here at Gotoco we are focused on improving cultural understanding between China and the rest of the world

Gotoco is a social enterprise focused on increasing interaction and exchanges between university and college students and one of the world’s oldest civilisations.

China has a rich cultural history and is now the world’s second largest economy, but opportunities to understand this fascinating country properly remain few and far between. We run two projects outlined below that aim to change this.

Summer in China

We believe the best way to learn about a country is through immersion —hanging out with locals and trying everything a country has to offer. Capitalising on the summer months from May to September each year, our summer in China programmes make China accessible and provide a unique opportunity to experience Chinese culture firsthand.

Aiming to provide people with a platform to continue travelling the world, our TEFL training allows students to further their personal and professional development, while the offer of accommodation in rural Yangshuo, Guangxi at the end of the programmes is a great way to relax before heading back home.

No fees are charged to take part to allow as many students as possible to come to China. We believe travelling the world should be an option for everyone, so we are always looking for scholarship opportunities to help our applicants.  We offer our own scholarships to certain students who take part in our campus initiative ‘Gotoco China Link’.


China Link

‘Gotoco China Link’ provides a forum for our alumni and their fellow students to continue to interact with China and bridge the gap between Chinese and non-Chinese students on campus. ‘Gotoco China Link’ student societies and partnered Chinese student associations hold events throughout the year to promote understanding of Chinese culture and exchanges between diverse student groups.

We aim to build a community of young people interested in China and exploring the world, helping the next generation of leaders to understand this fascinating country.


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