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Here at Gotoco, we don’t believe in charging students high fees to travel and join fun, engaging projects. We provide all of our support and platform to you for free and offer lots of funded benefits to make sure you can get the most out of your trip to China.

What we provide

What you need to pay

Travel Grants!

We’re here to help make your trip as affordable as possible.

We strongly recommend you apply for travel grants at your university as early as possible. Most universities and colleges have a variety of travel grants available for students in need. Please research the appropriate grants at your university and contact us if you need us to support your application.

We are also able to offer scholarships to cover flights to China to those that join us as Campus Ambassadors and attract 10 others to join our programmes. If you are interested in this, please check out and apply through the links on this page, and we will then send you more information on how you can spread the word and ensure you receive a Gotoco scholarship. 

How is the programme funded?

Summer camps and schools in China need your help and are excited to welcome you to their programmes. They cover your room and board, and provide funds to us to help them internationalise their programmes and give all of our support to you, including the TEFL training, Yangshuo holiday, in-country assistance, visa support, and outreach.

We make exploring China, boosting your CV, meeting interesting people, and earning a funded TEFL as affordable as possible.