support if you are eligible for grant funding

We’re here to help make your trip as affordable as possible.

UK resident participants on our programmes will usually get full funding! This applies to all citizens or non-citizen legal residents of the UK (e.g those on student visas). You can read about our three programme types with funding on this FAQ.

We are also able to offer deposit discounts and cash bonuses to those that join us as Campus Ambassadors and attract 10 others to join our programmes. If you are interested in this, please check out and apply through the links on this page, and we will then send you more information on how you can spread the word and ensure you receive extra funding. 

What we provide

What you need to fund

support for those without grant funding?

If you aren't eligible for our funding, we still offer lots of benefits!

Here at Gotoco, we don’t believe in charging students upfront fees to travel and join fun, engaging projects. We provide all of our support and platform to you for free and offer lots of funded benefits to make sure you can get the most out of your trip. Free means that we only offer programmes that have upfront costs to cover when we have pre-arranged funding via university, government or local partner grants.

What we provide

What you need to fund

We make exploring the world, boosting your CV, meeting interesting people, and earning a funded TEFL as affordable as possible.