Applying is easy.

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To apply, we just need three things:

  • Your CV
  • A photo you are happy for our partners to see, preferably you doing an activity (e.g. sport, music) with your face visible
  • A 200 word personal statement; let us know why you want to join our programme, why you want to volunteer at the summer camps and what makes you the right fit for our programmes

After you apply, we’ll check your application and strive to get back to you within 14 days.

Successful candidates will have a video interview with prospective hosts. We will confirm your place on our programmes as quickly as possible, with most final locations being confirmed within a few months of applying.

We judge all applicants on their merits and do not discriminate against candidates in any way. We aspire to be the most accessible, affordable, adventure programme available.

Gotoco'er testimonials

Since 2011, nearly 2,000 students from around the world have joined our programmes. Learn more about their experiences below or by clicking here!