Welcome to Gotoco, we provide free and funded placements for university students to take part in summer programmes all over China. Please look around the site to find out more and when you are ready to apply, click apply now on the top right. Looking forward to hearing from you! Best, the Gotoco Team.


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China is fast becoming the world’s leading economy, is one of the oldest civilisations on earth, has diverse geography and cultures, but students around the world still have very limited opportunities to delve into it. We aim to bridge that gap and give the world’s next generation of leaders and thinkers a strong understanding of China.

Everyone on the gotoco team has been on exciting, varied and inspiring trips around China and we want to bring these experiences to as many people as possible. China has a rich culture and diverse range of travel opportunities – from megacities to stunning, tranquil rural settings with staggeringly different landscapes.

Whatever path our alumni take after a summer with us at gotoco, an appreciation of Chinese culture will be indispensable.


go for free

Taking part is absolutely free of charge. We do not charge you  anything, moreover we provide you with accommodation and meals at your camps, TEFL training and certification and post-programme R&R in our beautiful Yangshuo base. You’ll just need to buy your flights, visa and transport within China, as well as any extra food and drinks while you’re there. We know students live on a shoestring so we will make your trip to China as cheap as possible through deals with local restaurants and businesses.

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go to teach

Teach Chinese children English and obtain our in-house TEFL (teaching of English as a foreign language) certificate.


go to travel

For many of our volunteers a month of stability in China with some Mandarin lessons is the perfect springboard for them to begin backpacking around China and the Far East.


go to learn

Learn Mandarin, learn about Chinese culture, have a go at calligraphy and kung fu or make some dumplings – throw yourself into all the activities and learn as much as you can.

Spend your spare time getting under the skin of the local area and discover everything  China has to offer.


go to make friends

The programme is intense, the groups of participants we send to China rarely know each other beforehand but tend to form long-lasting friendships as a result of the exciting, challenging and eye-opening experiences.


go to have fun

Our programmes are designed to be fun, they take place in the students summer holidays. Outdoor activities take up a large part of many of the schools’ schedules and in class the focus should be on activating what the students already know about English by creating  a fun environment and letting them enjoy themselves.

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