TEFL Form Submission

In order to issue the TEFL certificate we will need you to attach your completed worksheets and filled in T&Cs at the upload links below. We also require that you complete our feedback form which can be viewed by clicking here.  You may view our T&Cs by clicking here , all of our TEFL booklets and worksheets can be viewed by clicking here


We have two rounds open for submissions of TEFL forms, please do your best to submit within this time-frame:

-If you submit the forms between July and 1st September, you can expect to hear back on October 1st.

-Submissions that reach us between 2nd September and 1st January will be responded to by 20th January.

*The last date for submissions will be 1st January 2017.

In order to issue the TEFL certificate we will need you to the TEFL forms are submitted and we have checked to make sure they are adequately filled in, after that as long as feedback has been provided we will be able to award our TEFL certificate.

Once you submit this form you will be re-directed to the feedback form.

  • If possible use the address that you have used throughout the application process so that our database can link your records together. If you have changed your email address then please input your new address (don't leave a comment, just an email address)
    So that this feedback is linked to the appropriate person, please tell us who is the main contact that has handled your application. Usually North American based applicants contact Richard Lloyd and those from the UK and other regions contact Daniel Parrott
  • Please attach your signed terms and condition form here, the T&C forms can be viewed here: http://www.go-to.co/terms/