Visa Forms


Further to the email you were sent recently, please find the two visa forms you need attached. You may view them here or download by clicking on the icon in the toolbar underneath each one.

Please fill these in and send them soon to our recommended visa agent partner. To save time, we will send your invitation letter on directly to the agency. Any details that you need from the inviting school can be added later by the agent, or if you prefer you may wait until the invite is issued.

In order to fill out the form, you will need the details of your inviter and where you will be based in China (for the section on itineraries and of course inviter).

Your inviter and main address is:

School name: 贵州研学行知教育发展有限公司
GuiZhou Travel and Learn Education Development CO. LTD(Company Limited)

School address: 贵州省贵阳市西南环路 45 号瑞源大厦 9 楼
Floor 9 Ruiyuan Plaza, No.45 Xinan Road, Guiyang city, Guizhou Province.
School director:
唐志诚 Zhicheng Tang

Forms to be Filled-in

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