Yangshuo visit

As you know, post programme we provide you with accommodation for 5 days in the stunning southern town of Yangshuo. It is up to you to arrange your transport to and from Yangshuo, the usual best options are as follows:

-Fly or take a train to Guiyang (Guizhou province) and then transfer by bullet train (2-3 scenic hours) direct to Yangshuo station

-Fly or take a train to Guilin (Guangxi province) and then transfer directly by bus or taxi to Yangshuo.

-Take a bus from a nearby city, e.g most cities in Guangdong and Guangxi province have buses that go to Guilin, if not straight to Yangshuo.

*In case of emergencies or unanswered questions, please feel free to reach out to your contact at Gotoco, but in the first instance please consider these three options carefully yourself and discuss booking options with staff at your school, after all they are on hand to help.

Once you know when exactly you will arrive in Yangshuo please fill in this form so that we can make book in your accommodation. We need the information you provide to be absolutely correct and will make bookings based on the info herein at the end of July – please take your time and reply as accurately as possible. Don’t forget to attach an image of your train/plane tickets that will bring you to Yangshuo’s transit hub (Guilin) or nearby Guiyang.

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