For your teaching internship in Thailand, we are partnered with Teachers for Thailand, who will manage your teaching placement, provide your accommodation while at the school, and coordinate your time with the school in Thailand. Teachers for Thailand have 25 years of experience in education, management and recruitment so are well placed to find the right school for you.

We oversee the whole programme and manage the funding, fellowship, training, orientation, community activities, and more throughout your time in Thailand.

Your orientation for this programme will start on 27th March 2023.

Consultative Interview

So that Teachers for Thailand can match you with the right school, you are invited for an interview with Charlie, co-founder of Teachers for Thailand, to learn more about living and teaching in Thailand. Please note that your preferences will be taken into consideration when finding a school for you in Thailand, but it is ultimately a competitive process with the schools so preferences cannot be guaranteed.

Please remember that this is an interview, so be ready to answer questions about:

  • Why you want to teach
  • Why you want to live in Thailand
  • Why you would make a good teacher
  • What experience you have of working with children or teaching

Please note that Charlie and Teachers for Thailand will manage your teaching placement in Thailand, but we organise the funding, travel, TESOL training (with our training partners), fellowship, professional development, and all other aspects of your trip, so questions about these aspects should be directed to us.

Do ask Charlie any questions you have about teaching in Thailand!

Next Steps After the Interview

If you are successful in this interview, you will then be made an offer to join us in Thailand and be invited to the next steps, which include:

  • transferring the final £100 portion of your £200 deposit to confirm your place; this is so that we know you are committed before we match you to a school and arrange your TESOL training. This will be refunded to you once you complete your programme commitments at the end of the programme. (Please note that in Thailand you will need to pay an accommodation deposit to your landlord which you will get back at the end of your teaching placement. Your rent will be covered on this programme, but you will need to pay a rental deposit to cover potential damage.)
  • having a chat with a current Gotoco’er in Thailand
  • completing our pre-departure forms, interviewing for the CertTESOL, and booking your flights!

Book Your Interview

To book your consultative interview with Charlie, please use the form below. Don’t forget to select the correct time zone.

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