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Our camps run in the Chinese summer from early May to September, ranging from three weeks to two months. Check out the slider below to get a taste for some of our locations, or view the map at the bottom of this page for a full list




We don’t think people should have to pay to volunteer, so we make sure that there is no fee for taking part in our programmes. We also help our participants to fund the essentials, on our programmes accommodation and most meals are always provided free .To take part, you will just need to pay for your flights, visa, insurance and transport within China, as well as any extra purchases you make while you are there. We know students live on a shoestring and will make your trip to China as affordable as possible through deals with local restaurants and businesses..


TEFL–Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Your work at the camps will earn you our in-house TEFL certificate. Before you head out to China, we will send you our training manual to prepare you for teaching English as a foreign language. You will then complete exercises throughout the summer which, combined with the hours you spend teaching, will secure you your own 120 hour in-class TEFL certificate. Previous volunteers have gone on to use their certificate to obtain jobs around the world.



We have a diverse array of schools, from summer camps that focus on fun, outdoors and interactive cultural exchange to training institutions where you will have the chance to engage on a close level with adult learners. We really care about cultural exchange opportunities, while you are with our partner schools you will have the opportunities to learn about Chinese culture through Mandarin lessons and language exchanges, local excursions, and many other engaging activities.



Our programmes run in over forty urban and rural locations across China, with a base in Yangshuo, Guangxi where all volunteers are invited to spend five nights at the end of their camp.

Get lost in beautiful scenery in Yangshuo or jump into the hustle and bustle of intensely urban Beijing, Chongqing and Shanghai. Whatever you are interested in, we have the place for you, offering a mixture of culture, history and adventure. Please click through the map markers below to find out more about our past and present programmes.