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We are Gotoco China. The go-to for free and funded summer adventures in China.

At Gotoco we offer you an unrivalled opportunity to travel in and explore China—the ‘Middle Kingdom’ (中国). We provide fully-funded TEFL training and certification, and the chance to immerse yourself in local cultures, languages and stunning scenery.

Hone your teaching and leadership skills on a summer project in China and inspire Chinese students to learn English and develop their soft skills. You’ll be able to boost your CV while contributing to improved global people-to-people relations: vital for a rapidly changing world.

What’s more: we aim to make China accessible to a wider audience so there’s no fee to take part (or for your TEFL!) and your living costs in China are covered on your programme.

Why Join Us


Discover one of the world's oldest civilisations, most captivating cultures and most beautiful geographies!


Why pay to take part when we offer participation, accommodation, meals, TEFL and a holiday at the end for free?


Gain valuable experience and a TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) teaching certificate


Become immersed in Chinese culture on one of our projects, before visiting Yangshuo and travelling all over Asia!


Discover China: learn Mandarin, have a go at martial arts or calligraphy, or try your hand at cooking dumplings (and more!)


Make friends for life with your students, teaching assistants, local people, and your fellow Gotoco-ers!


Explore China, have an adventure, Learn about your world

Gotoco is a social enterprise aiming to improve cross-cultural understanding. We look to foster an inclusive global community through accessible international cultural exchange and educational projects in China. We aim to boost opportunities for quality English learning in China, and help students from around the world learn about China firsthand. Experience of China and cultural exchange will be vital for all our participants as they go on to become global citizens and leaders in our rapidly changing world.

What we care about

As a social enterprise, we focus on:


We were founded by adventurers, we want more people to have mind-altering, eye-opening global journeys. Fun and challenge are key parts of the experience. We help you explore, throw yourself into unfamiliar situations and make lots of new friends in an adventure-packed cultural experience.


We love education. Education is a core tool for personal and professional development: vital for all our global participants and students in China. Our programmes use innovative methods to create new opportunities for learning. Everyone on our projects can get experience teaching, get TEFL certified and help local students in China


We are affordable. When our founders began their gap year and university holiday travel, the last thing they wanted to do was stay home for months saving up money for programme fees! We try to avoid fees. We think everyone should have the chance to travel and take part in projects like ours. We create an inclusive environment for diverse groups through our free, funded and convenient programmes.


We are building bridges between China and the English-speaking world to foster cultural awareness, and, for greater impact, we make these opportunities as broadly available as possible. In the era of the US-China trade war and the impacts of COVID, grassroots cultural exchange projects like ours are more important than ever.

Who are we?

We are not an anonymous corporate travel agent, we are a social enterprise, led by three best friends that first travelled together in China ten years ago and have lived and worked together since. We want to encourage more people from the 'West' to explore China, like we did, to break the corporate mould and find much better and more interesting life and career opportunities.

Gotoco'er testimonials

Since 2011, nearly 2,000 students from around the world have joined our programmes. Learn more about their experiences below or by clicking here!

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