Programme details prior to deposit payment

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Would it be possible to have more information with regards to where I will be placed and a confirmation of the dates before I pay my deposit? I would like to check flight prices beforehand.

Support team answer:
Owing to the complexity and strenuous bureaucratic procedures involved in making a placement offer, we request a deposit initially to confirm that you wish to proceed with our programme. Once you have made a deposit, you make a commitment to attend our programme based on the preferences shown in your profile. So, if you ask to join a programme between 1st July and 10th August in urban areas, you should expect to be placed on the closest match we have to those preferences. Please only pay the deposit once you are sure about your preferences. You may update those preferences by going to this link: https://www.go-to.co/update-your-application/ When possible we approve the request for a change, however if you were already made a provisional offer and then request a complete change of dates we cannot always accept it because we make offers based on the availability of our programmes.

Regarding your flight concerns, please don’t worry about pricing. We always endeavour to assist our participants to ensure flights are in the range of £400-600. When the time comes, we will assist you in seeking out well priced options.