What is the difference between experiential and classroom based learning?

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What are some examples of an experiential learning environment versus a classroom environment? Wondering what I could expect in either or as I choose what I would prefer.

Support team answer:
An experiential learning camp would be more of a North American- or British-style summer camp with lots of outdoor activities, like rock climbing, hiking or tug of war. There would then also be lots of sports and arts/crafts, and even music, depending on the exact camp. You would be with the students throughout the day supporting them on the activities and trying to develop their English through the games. This is a fun way to work with children, but it is also intensive as you spend the whole day with the kids, with only a few breaks. This means you can really get to know the children and make an impression, while taking part in lots of fun activities and even creating your own new activities. These camps tend to be in the suburbs of cities or rural areas and you are generally quite immersed in the camp environment throughout the week.

Classroom teaching is more of a traditional environment for teaching English as a second language, but you would be encouraged to use songs and games to make the lessons as fun as possible. You would typically teach for a maximum of 6 hours per day, plus some time for lesson planning. You can then use your spare time on your (usually) 1-2 days off and spare time on working days to explore the local area.

Once you have applied and shown your preferences, we will be able to look at the best options for you and then send you more information on the right ones for you so that you can know much more about your exact schedule and make an informed decision.