Please fill out the form below so we can assist you to prepare your documents for a visa application. Most visa applications will require 3 steps. It can be confusing with various different terms used interchangeably, we hope the explainer below helps clarify for you.

  1. A UK solicitor/notary will sign/stamp the document to confirm it is authentic. This can be called certification, legalisation, or attestation.
  2. Apostille: The UK government will stamp the document, to confirm they consider it authentic. This is done by the FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office).
  3. Foreign embassy will then confirm the authenticity of the UK government stamp. This enables a foreign state to accept your documents to be authentic. This can be called legalisation or attestation.

Interesting note!:

If you one day travel with us to Bangkok’s Khaosan Road, you may see nefarious market stalls selling fake IDs, PADIs, ‘Oxford degrees’ etc on the street (as in picture). Fake documents abound globally, which is why you need to go through this rigmarole to ensure a foreign state can trust the authenticity og your work visa documentation.

Please fill the form below, and we can help you to do the whole process.