We have now launched campus initiatives around the UK and USA


‘Gotoco China Link’ provides a forum for our alumni and their fellow students to continue to interact with China and bridge the gap between Chinese and domestic students. Our student organisations and campus societies hold events throughout the year to promote understanding of Chinese culture and exchanges between diverse student groups.

We aim to build a community of young people interested in China and exploring the world, helping the next generation of leaders to understand this fascinating country.

Depending on their schedules, committee members will be able to

  • manage social media groups promoting understanding about China and opportunities available there
  • attend student fairs and hold events on campus, such as Chinese film nights, talks or even conferences
  • write blog posts and student media articles
  • curate interesting articles and commentary from hundreds of other China-focused blogs and media outlets
  • interact with other China societies on campus to integrate communities

We know students lead busy schedules. At a minimum, committee members commit to this for one hour per week—but you get out what you put in, so if you can make a greater commitment then we can offer a greater array of opportunities!


Committee members that refer 15 people who join Gotoco’s summer programmes are immediately offered a free return flight to China, alongside a role as a teacher or coordinator on our TEFL programmes.


Other benefits include

  • becoming a summer camp coordinator in China, leading a team of volunteers
  • boosting your CV with a broad range of experiences
  • winning prizes (details released later in the year)
  • gaining internship opportunities in China
  • learning writing and editing skills
  • building a social media network and attending professional networking opportunities
  • accessing travel and travel funding advice
  • taking part in paid online tutoring opportunities

To apply, please just fill in the short form below.

If you would like to find out more, check out our FAQs or email us.
For queries from those based in the USA, please contact Richard (richard.lloyd(at)go-to.co)
For those based in all other regions, please email Daniel (daniel.parrott(at)go-to.co)