Ekaterina Christova joined our projects in Echo English in Hangzhou in the summer of 2017.


Please can you tell us about some of your most enjoyable moments of the trip?

Definitely bonding with the host family and their kids, and family life. The family took me away to a holiday village for a weekend which was amazing. Also, meeting and making friends with the other volunteers. We had some great times together! I also enjoyed having responsibility for my class and planning the lessons, as it was great to see that I had an impact on their learning.

Which were the highlights of the lessons, cultural excursions and outdoor activities?

The Chinese lessons were great fun, we learned how to sing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes in Chinese! We had a really nice meal as a group of volunteers which was organised by the school at the beginning of the placement. The activities with the host family were really fun. We went dancing, and to a holiday village.

How would you say the overall experience has benefited you?

I have learned so much about China culturally and made some great friends. I had a really great summer, and I also took on responsibility and explored a potential career path.

What was the best thing about your experience in China?

I just loved soaking up the culture. The architecture, the sights, the beauty, the language. It was amazing.

Would you recommend participating to a friend and if so why?

Yes, because it is a great way to spend your summer. Travelling, exploring and learning as well as helping others learn English and taking on responsibility. What more could you ask for?