Joe Hicketts joined our projects at Zhuoyue English College in Yangshuo in the summer of 2017. Please read on to view their feedback:

Please could you tell us about some of your most enjoyable moments of the trip?

The organised events from the school for the teachers, and exploring the city. The students were also very enjoyable to teach.

Which were the highlights of the lessons, cultural excursions and outdoor activities?

I really enjoyed the cooking class, and also the Chinese painting, rather unexpectedly, since I’m terrible at art.

How would you say the overall experience has benefited you?

Yes, it has made me more confident with public speaking and also made me more able to work with children.

What was the best thing about your experience in China?

The other teachers that I worked with were all really nice, and we all helped each other through the first few days of teaching. The location of the school was really amazing and a type of scenery I’ve never seen before, and it was so enjoyable going on long walks taking in the scenery.

Would you recommend participating to a friend and if so why?

Yes, it allows someone to go to a location that you wouldn’t be able to get to ordinarily if you do not speak Chinese, you meet lots of really interesting people, and it is far less expensive than going on a full holiday by yourself. Plus you gain lots of skills such as improved public speaking, and also a TEFL certificate.