Molly Weiland joined our projects in Echo English for Kids, Hangzhou (Xiaoshan campus)
Please you us about some of your most enjoyable moments of the trip?

I enjoyed playing games with the children, and seeing them come together to perform at the end of the programme. I also had fun with my host family going on a trip to the countryside where we swam in the river. Spending time with other teachers and getting to know the city was fun also.

Which were the highlights of the lessons, cultural excursions and outdoor activities?

Swimming in the river in the countryside was the best excursion, but I also enjoyed going to West Lake with my family.

How would you say the overall experience has benefited you?

It has improved my teaching skills massively and taught me how to manage the children. It also improved my confidence to travel and do things alone.

What was the best thing about your experience in China?

Seeing the childrens improvement in English and in their confidence over the 3 weeks.

Would you recommend participating to a friend and if so why?

I would as it was a good experience but I would tell them to look into the city/place more than I did and have a look at several programmes before deciding which one to do.