Nishani Suthakar joined our project at Guangwei Foreign Language School in Zhaoqing in summer 2017. Please read on to view their feedback:


Could you please tell us about some of your most enjoyable moments of the trip?

The most enjoyable moments of the trip was without doubt getting to know the students and also getting the chance to explore China.

Which were the highlights of the lessons, cultural excursions and outdoor activities?

Highlights of the cultural excursion include the time the school took us to the temples in Zhaoqing, it was a very fun experience.

Other highlights include the outdoor activities that was scheduled for the last lesson everyday which the students enjoyed very much. It was a very good opportunity for me to teach the students foreign games that they very much enjoyed.

How would you say the overall experience has benefited you?

The overall experience has benefited me in many ways. Firstly, it gave me an insight into what the working environment in China is like and their culture differences. As a student who will be going to China for my year abroad at the end of this year it was a great opportunity for me to see what China is like and prepare accordingly.

What was the best thing about your experience in China?

One of the best experience in China was learning about their culture which I was very intrigued about. For example, their culture of rinsing cutlery and dishes in restaurants with hot water before eating with it was something new I learnt about Zhaoqing.

Would you recommend participating to a friend and if so why?

I will definitely recommend participating to a friend as it is a great opportunity to travel and teach at the same time with most of the important costs covered.