We hope you had a great time in China this summer!

As we would like to improve our programme and provide an even better experience for our future participants, we would really appreciate if you could help us by answering the questions below. Please provide around 100 words for each of the first seven questions and a short answer for the final questions. Any information you provide is greatly appreciated and will be used to improve our programme in 2018.

Please remember that we will need you to complete this form before we can process any TEFL submissions.

Our visa agents try hard to serve you well in the complex visa process so if you had a good experience, please consider leaving them some feedback. The majority of our UK and Europe participants process visas with Raj’s help at UVSUK in Manchester. If you did then you may review him via this link. Once you have reviewed the agent, please screenshot your review and attach the screenshot at the bottom of this page. When reviewing the agent, please understand that decisions on whether visas are granted/durations/numbers of entries are entirely at the discretion of the Chinese Consulate and agents don’t have any input.

Thanks very much—we look forward to helping you continue your engagement with China!


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