Your Global Career Launchpad

Do you want to start a career abroad or work in an international environment? Would you like your career to have real social impact and be interesting and enjoyable, but don’t know how to begin? 

Join us for a 4-week online programme from 5-30 July 2021 to gain the skills and knowledge you need to start a career abroad and with true social impact. (If you are not available in July, there is an option to complete the programme in August, read on below!)

With the pandemic limiting opportunities for international travel and work experience, we’re bringing an innovative and impactful programme to your home to allow you to keep exploring career options, developing your skills, and discovering more about the world. This programme aims to help you increase the ways that you can earn/save money for travelling while studying, as well as setting you up for a global career after university. 

The programme requires minimal time commitment and can be easily fitted around all your fun summer plans. Our programme includes:

What's The Time Commitment?

The programme requires minimal time commitment and can  easily be fitted around all your fun summer plans.

The programme runs for four weeks from 5-30 July 2021, and you have until 30 September 2021 to complete the TEFL if you’d like a little longer.

The programme takes about 40-50 hours to complete and all aspects of the programme can be completed in your own time, except 1-2 hours per week for online talks and events usually between 11am and 3pm on weekdays. 

August: if you are not available in July, we are able to make the programme content and event recordings available to you in August. Please just let us know on the form below.  

What Are The Benefits?

Confirmed Place with Gotoco for Summer 2022

By deferring your offer for 2021 and joining this programme, you have a confirmed place on a Gotoco programme until 31 December 2022. This means that once travel restrictions are lifted, you can join one of any of our China programmes starting before 31 December 2022, this includes our winter programmes in 2021/22 and summer programmes in 2022.

Teach Online

A TEFL opens doors for you to teach flexibly online and earn well (£10-30 per hour, depending on experience). You can fit teaching around your studies while at university (and even keep teaching during lockdowns) and save up enough to go travelling next summer. It sure beats long hours working behind a bar!

Global Career

Learn how to start a career abroad from people who've been there and done it. Each week we'll welcome guest speakers on Zoom to talk about how they started their career abroad, where they are now, and why they recommend it. Gain the inspiration and skills you need to go abroad after graduation or to join an international workplace.


On completing the programme, you become part of our alumni network and join our Edu-venture societies on campuses around the UK. Through regular events and socials, you'll be able to continue to explore global and social impact careers and will benefit from opportunities to build your skills and experience.


You will spend 90,000 hours of your life working, how do you want to spend them? The Udamon 'What Path?' interactive programme allows you to start shaping your own future and determining how you'd like to start your career. You will also gain the tools and resources you need to start turning your dream into a reality.

The Programme

TEFL: Teaching of English as a Foreign Language


On this programme you will complete our in-house online TEFL certificate. When you join us in China in 2022, you will then complete the teaching practicum element to gain a 120-hour TEFL certificate that you can use for English teaching jobs around the world. 

The TEFL is specially designed to prepare you for teaching English in China and online. All the modules can be completed in your own time and you will have until 30 September 2021 to finish the TEFL if you need, meaning that it can easily fit around your other summer plans. 

Why do the TEFL?


The TEFL qualification will allow you to teach English online and earn £10-30 per hour depending on your experience and the classes you lead. This is a brilliant way to earn money flexibly while at university or to become a digital nomad and travel the globe after graduating.   

Once you complete the course, we will send you information about places that you can teach online to make use of the qualification and start saving up for future travel!

Once you complete the teaching practicum with us in China in 2022, you will then be ready to find a job abroad after graduation, including on our China Fellowship programme. 

Beyond teaching, the skills you learn on the programme will be transferable and useful for a range of careers and help you stand out when applying for jobs. 

Udamon ‘What Path?’ Professional Development Programme


We have partnered with Udamon to offer you an engaging, thought-provoking, and empowering online career guidance programme. 

The programme is delivered online and can be completed in your own time from 5-30 July 2021. The programme takes under 10 hours totally, and amounts to an average of 30 minutes per weekday over the 4 weeks. 

Why do this programme?


We spend 90,000 hours of our life working compared to around 9,000 hours at school. The only activity we do more than work is sleep (around 270,000 hours). Yet 1 out of every 2 people is unhappy or dissatisfied at work. Meanwhile, 87.7% of UK undergrads say they ‘struggle with feelings of anxiety’. A rapidly growing issue linked to concerns about future career prospects. Widening the lens, 61% of 25-33 year olds suffering a ‘quarter life crisis’ say finding a job or career they are passionate about is the main cause. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. We, Richard, Danny and Lisha, the Gotoco founders, have seen many of our friends flourish by following unusual routes and working out what they really want to do. We want to help you flourish in the same way. This programme exists to provide uncertain career starters and changers with the knowhow and vision they need to confidently pursue their true direction in life. 

Starting a career doesn’t just mean finding a corporate grad scheme or going into banking/consultancy/law, join our summer programme to find out about the world of possibilities out there!

Over four chapters, the ‘What Path?’ course will allow you to:

  • Determine and articulate your interests, values, purpose, and current and desired skills and  map these to potential career paths
  • Learn tactics and strategies to increase your chances of navigating the volatile 21st century career landscape successfully
  • Increase your chances of actually enjoying your 90,000 hours by determining your preferences and priorities

By the end of the course, you will also:

  • Have the tools to write an eye-catching CV and learn how to tailor it to specific opportunities
  • Know the tricks for writing an effective cover letter and walk away with your own template
  • Learn how to use Linkedin and other resources to increase your chances of finding the best opportunities and connections

Feedback for Udamon What Path? Course

Talks and Events

Each week we will run fun and inspiring events to help you learn more about starting a career abroad and how you can have real social impact. 

Some of these events will be optional social activities, with only 1-2 hours per week required as part of the programme, usually occurring between 11am and 3pm on weekdays. There will be three main types of events:

  • Inspiring Careers Talks: hear from people who followed less-travelled, non-corporate routes out of university and are thriving now to get ideas for how you can start your own career and learn about all the options out there.
  • Chinese Cultural Events: discover the best of Chinese music, film, art, travel and literature, and learn how to cook some Chinese meals.
  • Casual Socials: meet past Gotoco’ers and connect with others around the country and globe ahead of travelling to China with us in 2022.
You will be sent the final full list of events close to the start date at the end of June. 

How can I confirm my place for 2022?

If you have already applied, please login below and you will then be able to defer your place to 2022.

If you have not yet applied to join us in China, please read on below for more information about how to apply. 


Not applied yet?

To secure an offer to join us in China in 2022, you need to apply today! Once we review and approve your application, you’ll then be sent more information about how you can confirm your place and join our Global Career Launchpad this summer.