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Programme Information:

Programme Information

General Introduction

Programme Overview

Programme Name and Location

Italy International Education Camp

Programme Key Contact Person

Eranne Hancke or Tom Johnson

Programme Details


What is this programme's mission?

Hello from International Education Camp! Please read on for more information on our summer camps.

We are on a mission to empower students through language and education in a fun, innovative and culturally diverse environment. Participants will gain valuable overseas experience, whilst making a lasting impact on communities & students around the world. They will receive expert training & immerse themselves in another culture. They will network with like-minded professionals from around the world.


Dates and intakes

12/06/2024 to 02/07/2024 @Italy International Education Camp

Dates and intakes


Programme Location

The initial training for all Gotoco'ers will be in Pisa for two days. After the training, Gotoco'ers will join camps in small groups around Italy, predominantly in Tuscany, to teach English at summer camps.

Gotoco'ers will either join camp for one week and then switch locations for the second week, or stay in the same location for two weeks. Your camp locations will be confirmed during the training at the start of the experience.


How many local students will be on the programme?

We will welcome a large number of students onto our camps through the summer. Each camp's size will vary, with some camps having 40 students and others 120.

How old will the programme's students be?

The students will range in age from five to seventeen years old.

How big will classes or groups be?

The exact number of students in a class or activity group varies depending on the camp. Specific information will be provided during training.

What are the students like?

They are from the local area, attending the school where our programme is hosted.

How high is the students' English level?

They vary depending on age / region / school.

How many Gotoco participants will be on this programme?

We will welcome 10-25 Gotoco participants to our programme this summer.

Does the programme have bilingual assistants?

There will be minimum one teaching assistant for each camp. They can speak English and will be able to communicate with the participants to a good level.


What information will Gotoco participants be sent before arrival?

We will be in touch to answer everyone's questions and make sure you have the information you need before you come out. This will include: training material to help you prepare for the programme; information on what to expect at camp; an online induction.

Will Gotoco participants receive any additional training on arrival?

Yes, two full days of in-person training in Pisa. We will take the participants through the programme thoroughly in order to ensure they are prepared to go and deliver the full immersion language programme.


How will time off work for Gotoco participants?

You will have 2 days off (Sat & Sun) - as the majority of Gotoco’ers stay with host families throughout the programme (after the training), you will coordinate with them. Usually the family has plans for you or you can meet with fellow Gotoco’ers and explore together.

How many hours will Gotoco participants be on the programme each day?

8:30am - 4:30pm in the school. The day consists of some lesson time, and lots of fun outdoor activities, arts and crafts, whole camp activities, and songs. The camp days are busy and full of fun activities.

How will Gotoco participants be organised and informed about schedules?

Before they go to the location of their programme, we will provide them with a full schedule.

Who will be the main contact person for Gotoco participants?

There will be a regional coordinator who will be in communication with them, along with a main contact person at each camp location. They can speak English.

What will the Gotoco participants do on the programme?

The focus is on oral English through fun activities and games in an immersive English environment.

Accommodation Arrangements

What type of accommodation will the Gotoco participants be hosted in?

Hotel during training and homestays during the camps. This gives you an opportunity to live with an Italian family and learn about life in Italy. All host families are vetted by our team

Will Wifi etc be available?

There will be wifi in the accommodation for participants to use.

How close is accommodation to where activities/classes will take place?

The exact distance varies depending on the family. There will be clear transport routes for all. Typically, the family will take the participants to and from the school, sometimes they live so close that it's walking / cycling distance.

Will Gotoco participants share accommodation?

During training, there will be four Gotoco participants to a room. During the camps, Gotoco'ers will usually have their own room with a host family, but may share a room depending on the families.

Food and Conditions

How will meals be provided to Gotoco participants?

During the training, meals are provided. When at the camps, host families will provide meals.

Will there be food provided for vegetarian/vegan participants?

We will endeavour to provide good meals for vegetarians. Please let us know any dietary requirements in advance.

Will you be able to cater for Gotoco participants with food allergies?

Please make us aware prior to meals about any of your needs regarding allergies or special dietary requirements.

We will endeavour to be helpful and to match you with host families that can support your requirements.

Will the Gotoco participants have access to shops/restaurants to purchase food and other things?

Yes, the families will live in the town where the camp takes place so there will be access to shops and restaurants.

Cultural Exchange


Where will you meet or pick up the participants?

We will provide detailed information about how to get to camp once you have completed your interview and have been offered a place. You should not book your travel until you are advised to by a Gotoco Coordinator.

How can participants travel to Gotoco's cultural trip or home?

Detailed information about plans at the end of the camps will be communicated after the interview and before you book flights.
You should not book your travel until you are advised to by a Gotoco Coordinator.