The Challenge

Gotoco is delighted to be a community support partner of The Challenge UK, anyone that has taken part or will take part in our programmes is entitled to apply for a  fast-tracked place on The Challenge’s summer programme.

Most of their short summer programmes pay upwards of £1000 for a 10 day period of work on UK based youth development charitable projects, it is usually possible to undertake these roles prior to coming to China with us or otherwise at the end of the China programmes.

For more information, check out the PDFs below. To apply for the programmes on the Gotoco fast-tracked scheme, simply do as follows:

1.Click here to register an account

2.After registering, follow the site instructions to create a profile and an application.

3.Input your fast-track code that takes you past the first round of applications (GTC0318FT) and submit the application.Gotoco programme*

*(On the sign-up document you will see a question marked ‘How did you hear about The Challenge?’. In order to input the code, you will need to select the option of ‘Referral of a Partner Organisation’. Once this has been selected, two new boxes will appear, one asking for the code [GTC0318FT], and the other asking for the name of the organisation [Gotoco])

*Please click here to learn more about The Challenge!


Please check out the attached PDFs below to find out about the diverse roles available on The Challenge’s summer projects. There are diverse roles listed on their site , some of our favourites are below. You can take part for as little as 2 days as a public speaking coach, while most of the jobs are offered in ‘waves’ of 10 days each. Its a great way to raise funds for your China trip, whilst doing very interesting and worthwhile youth-work. All participants are offered high level training in first-aid, crisis management, and safe-guarding.

Senior Mentor Role

Assistant Programme Leader

Programme Leader