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 Since 2011, the Gotoco team has been helping students from around the globe to visit China.

Starting in Yangshuo, Guangxi six years ago, the Gotoco team has built up an extensive network of summer camp partners all over China. Daniel and Richard first met on their Chinese Studies course at the University of Oxford and formed a strong friendship with Lisha on their year abroad in Beijing five years ago. Daniel, Lisha and Richard founded Gotoco to combine their knowledge, expertise and diverse talents and provide our participants with an unforgettable summer in China. We aim to increase global cultural exchange, and are rolling out a range of new programmes to bring together Chinese and Western students. Check out our mission for more information.

Daniel Parrott

Danny has extensive experience providing students with unique opportunities to explore Chinese culture. He has been organising and managing summer camps for six years and brings his vast knowledge to Gotoco. Danny studied Chinese at the University of Oxford and a year abroad in Beijing introduced him to the diverse world of English teaching in China and the extent of mind-blowing travel available within China’s borders. He is passionate about travel and helping people from all walks of life see as much of the world as possible, as cheaply as possible. Danny is currently in charge of the European recruitment team.

 Lisha Tang

Having studied English at university in Beijing and undertaken a law conversion in the UK, Lisha is dedicated to promoting cultural exchange between China and the English-speaking world. She is very grateful for the opportunities teaching English has provided her, and wants to inspire the next generation of Chinese children to improve their English and interact with people from all over the world. Lisha is an expert at managing Gotoco’s relations with a diverse group of partner schools all over China. She now oversees Gotoco’s partner relationships  in China and matches applicants to their ideal programme. Lisha ensures that all of our volunteers get as much out of their time in China as possible.

Richard Lloyd

Having studied Chinese and Tibetan at Oxford, Richard has broad knowledge of Chinese culture, history and travel opportunities. He brings his experience of volunteering, travelling and working all over the world to Gotoco and knows how to make sure our volunteers have an unforgettable experience. Richard is also passionate about bringing opportunities to the underprivileged in China and is developing Gotoco’s social mission. In launching cultural exchange programmes in the UK and Australia, Richard aims to improve understanding and interaction between Chinese and Western students on a new front. Richard now manages Gotoco’s recruitment of students at universities in North America, and designs our programmes for Chinese going abroad.


If you have any questions, please check our FAQs page, if you cannot find an answer there then you may submit an enquiry at the bottom of the page. If you need to contact our team directly, please email Richard if you are based in the USA (richard.lloyd[at]go-to.co) or if you are from the UK/EU or elsewhere please contact Danny (daniel.parrott[at]go-to.co)