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How do you get to China in only 3 simple stages?

Go through our application process in the sidebar!If you’re given an offer to join us in China, then you just need to follow the 8 simple steps listed in the sidebar on the left of this page. You’ll be notified by email when you’re ready to move on to the next step in the process and will go through each of the steps in order. Don’t run before you can walk, you can’t jump straight from step 2 to step 8! [/access]

Friends, deadlines, funding, and our service

Application timings:

Applications for Summer 2020 opened in September 2019. Most people will have their placements confirmed in April and May, but this can stretch on to June and July depending on when you applied, your dates of availability, and your skills and preferences. We confirm placements on a first come, first served basis where possible, so please try to get through the first 4 steps asap so that your programme and flights can be confirmed more quickly. We don’t have a deadline and our rounds are always rolling, so complete your application today to secure your spot.


If you want to come with a friend, just tell us and we will try to place you together as far as is reasonable. Please use the link in the sidebar on the left to invite your friends.

Funding for flights:

We strongly recommend you apply for travel grants at your university as early as possible. Most universities and colleges have a variety of travel grants available for students. Please contact your university for more information. We are also able to offer scholarships to cover flights to China to those that join us as Campus Ambassadors and attract 10 others to join our programmes. If you are interested in this, please fill in this short form.

Contact us:

We provide comprehensive FAQs to help you with preparing to join us in China. If you can’t find what you need there, please send in your question on the FAQs page.  We respond as quickly as we can and aim to get you placed rapidly, but please understand: we are a social enterprise operating a large-scale cultural exchange initiative, and we want this to remain free, part-funded, with no placement fees. To achieve this, we keep our team and office small, and this can mean there are delayed replies to emails before you arrive in China. If that happens sometimes, please don’t worry and feel free to contact us again if your query is urgent. We run a really well-reviewed, 5-star programme: for the strength of our cultural exchange we have even been recognised by the UN and the British Chamber in China, and our TEFL certification and China placement service is award-winning! We will always do our best for you and are certain you will enjoy your time with us!

Thanks, and we look forward to helping you with your China adventure! The Gotoco Team


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