Aiming to build bridges between Chinese communities and UK and US students, Gotoco China Link works with Chinese societies at universities and colleges across the UK and USA. Gotoco is on hand to help manage society committees’ efforts at internationalisation to foster deeper links between Chinese and domestic students.

Relations between China and the UK and USA will shape the future. Yet, at a time when 29 percent of the UK’s and 30 percent of the USA’s international students come from mainland China, social exchange opportunities remain few and far between. Gotoco hopes to change this.

Having arranged for 2000+ UK and US students to attend programmes in China over the last few years, Gotoco has found this to be one of the best ways to engage domestic students’ curiosity; learning about China before departure, and bringing back a keener interest after their trip.

Outside of the pandemic period, Gotoco offers students from outside China free and funded opportunities to visit China on our projects, while helping Chinese societies to engage with them through Gotoco China Link. We also provide cultural exchange materials designed by a team from Oxford covering a range of topics that UK and US students are interested in, including but not limited to

• speaker event suggestions

• termly film night plans and book club recommendations

• curated articles for social media to engage the community

• invitations to conferences, and access to our board of advisors

As well as
• social media network
• professional networking opportunities
• travel advice
• travel funding advice
• China study scholarship opportunities
• paid online tutoring opportunities

Gotoco is a social enterprise founded to provide opportunities in China to students around the world between May and September every year (outside of the era of COVID restrictions) We want as many young people as possible to experience China first-hand, learning about the culture and way of life. We support the missions of the British Council’s Generation UK programme, as well as ‘Project Pengyou’ and the ‘One Million Strong’ initiative in the USA which are government-backed initiatives aimed at boosting US and UK student exchange with China.