We are now recruiting for our 2022-23 summer and off-cylce projects – apply today!

We offer projects all over the world year-round, in Europe, Thailand and Colombia. At present, grant rules mean that these are only funded for UK/Irish citizens or those with the right to reside in the UK. For example, non-UK citizens with UK student visas, partner visas, and other long stay visas.

We were founded to offer China programmes, these are not running while COVID restrictions remain in place. In China, we can welcome students from all over the world to teach English or lead outdoor activities on camps across the country. There are no national eligibility criteria, as these aren’t funded through government grants.  The majority of these programmes run from early July to early August, for 4-6 weeks, but we do have a range of programmes with some running for just 2 weeks and the longest lasting 3 months: there is something for everyone! Let us know your availability when you apply and we’ll find the right programme for you.

Read on below to find out more about how our projects work, and then click apply now!


Free and Funded Programme

We don’t think people should have to pay to participate, so we make sure that any fees charged by our programmes are met by pre-arranged funding, thus there is essentially no fee for taking part in our programmes. We also help our participants to fund the essentials: accommodation, meals, language lessons, TEFL certification and a holiday at the end are all included free-of-charge!

Funding varies by programme location. Usually, to take part, you will just need to pay for your flights, visa, insurance and transport within country, as well as any extra purchases you make while you are there. We know students live on a shoestring and we will work hard to make your trip as affordable as possible.

Fuyang, Anhui, School Photo

TEFL–Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Your work at the camps will earn you our in-house TEFL certificate.

Before you head out, we will send you our training manual to prepare you for teaching English as a foreign language. You will then complete exercises throughout the summer which, combined with the hours you spend teaching, will secure you your own 120 hour in-class TEFL certificate.

Previous volunteers have gone on to use their certificate to obtain jobs around the world. Learn more about our TEFL in our FAQs.

Group shot from the experiential learning camp

Programme Types

We have two main types of project: classroom English teaching and experiential learning summer camps. You can read more about these projects here.

We have a diverse array of schools, from summer camps that focus on fun, outdoors and interactive cultural exchange to training institutions where you will have the chance to engage on a close level with adult learners.

We really care about cultural exchange opportunities, while you are with our partner schools you will have the opportunities to learn about local culture through language exchanges, local excursions, and many other engaging activities.

Yangshuo River Summer 2018


Our programmes run all around the world. Currently in Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece), Palestine, Colombia, Tanzania and Thailand! Once the pandemic subsides, we hope to re-open our partnered projects across China and Japan.

Get lost in beautiful scenery on a rural programme, or jump into the hustle and bustle of intensely of global cities. Whatever you are interested in, we have the place for you, offering a mixture of culture, history and adventure.

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