We want to give you a £500 bonus! Please earn it by referring 5 people!

Adore Gotoco? Turn your passion into profit and support our innovative, fully-funded global placement adventures!

📌 Role: Freelance Marketing Coordinator (Work from home)

💰 Earn: £500 for every 5 people you refer*

🚀 Benefits:

  • Gain valuable work experience.
  • Boost your CV by adding ‘Gotoco Marketing Coordinator’.
  • Be part of something innovative and impactful.
  • Potential pathway to joining our core team.

👥 How it Works:

  • Refer people to join Gotoco.
  • Earn £500 once 5 of them apply and pay their placement deposit.

We’d love to invest our marketing budget in our community instead of Instagram – please get aboard.

Join us in making a difference 🌍

*Referral is counted when someone applies through you and pays their placement deposit.

Next step? Webinars!

Help us promote our exciting webinars and earn bonuses!

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🎯 Here’s How It Works:

  1. Someone signs up for a webinar using your link.
  2. They pay a deposit to join.
  3. You earn a bonus!

👀 You can also track your referrals and earnings in real-time: https://www.go-to.co/webinar-signups-through-my-efforts/

Our team will take care of encouraging them to apply. You have the option to follow up or let us handle it. It’s that simple!

Once someone is signed up for a webinar through this link, you can see their name here:

Other tools?

We’d love to have you formally join us as a marketing coordinator, to do that just apply here.


Know someone that might love to join us? Put their email here and we can invite them! If they join, you’ll be credited.

Once you fill out their email above, you can track how you are doing via the links below.

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You can also directly encourage people to apply through your referral link, if you wish to use that, you can check this out:

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Please read over these FAQs, when you are ready, please apply to be onboarded into our team by following the link above

Keep it up!

Thats a great start! Once you refer 4 more, you become eligible for this bonus. We cannot credit any bonuses under the 5x person threshold.

Certainly! This will be counted towards your target with us.

Please note, referring a friend doesn’t mean that you will be on the same project, that is up to our allocations team to decide.

Please feel free to post your affiliate links all over the internet. If you have good ideas for where to post, just let us know.

You are eligible to apply for this if you are among our previous, current or committed future candidates.

We will onboard candidates that make a good application and who will likely be great ambassadors for the programme

Once you make 5 referrals, we can credit you with a bonus. This is intended as an annual opportunity, every 12 months your counter goes back to zero. So this is best suited to people that wish to make a concerted effort right now.

We can only count people that initially came to us through your efforts, where we have a clear record that you used our tools to refer them.

Accordingly, we recommend you use our inviter form to invite anyone that told you they may apply. Meanwhile, the promotion links we send you should be very helpful as our system will immediately know who joins through you

If you referred people that didn’t come through our system, as long as you can evidence it, then we will retrospectively recognise up to two people. If you’d like to do that, please let us know.

Payout comes after you hit the goal of 5 referrals, and then following that come in increments of 5. £500 per 5.

We count someone as a referral once their 2nd deposit is paid.

We can update you on how you are doing every 2 weeks, just drop us an email. 


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