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Become a Campus Ambassador

Gotoco needs your help! We would like to raise awareness of our programmes on your campus and are looking for Campus Ambassadors to join us for a variety of roles.

This is a diverse role, it can include supporting our programmes in a variety of ways, such as referring participants to our programme, running our campus based activities, or helping out in the summer on programmes (and usually all three!)

Extra info on the referral bonus:

Besides the work experience and fun of being involved with us, you can also seek our referral bonus, you just need to attract 10 others to take part in our project and we will offer you a bonus (up to £600)! If you attract more than 10 people to take part in programmes, we will even reward you with a travel grant worth £50 for every extra referral over 10.

There is a small time commitment for this role: simply post your personalised link anywhere you think it would get interest. You can ask your faculty staff to email it out, post it in Facebook groups or share it on your wall, Insta etc. Its easy to get lots of referrals and if you do you get rewarded AND your friends might join you in the summer! If that grabs your interest, please fill in the very short application below and we will set you up with everything you need to be a part of our team. You can begin posting right away, all the info you need is here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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