Chinese Culture Series
Thurs 22 July, 1-2pm UK BST

(8-9am US EST / 8-9pm China)

Mandorock: an introduction to Mainland Chinese Rock & Roll


Ever heard of Omnipotent Youth Society (万能青年旅店)? Ever listened to Dou Wei (竇唯) or been transported to Guangdong by Wu Tiao  Ren’s (五条人) ballads? Join us as Thomas Bird, travel writer and musician, guides us through eight songs that chart Mainland Chinese Rock & Roll’s journey from Northwest Wind to contemporary post punk. 

Thomas will be playing  eight iconic songs and chronicling the bands that have defined the scene over the last four decades. We’ll also discuss Beijing’s changing music scene and give you a flavour of the Northern Capital’s nightlife, and how it compares to Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

This event is free. 

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More about our guest speaker

Thomas Bird

Travel Writer

Thomas Bird lived 15 years in China as teacher, magazine editor, travel writer and journalist, although much of that time was spent in Chinese rock bars. Within weeks of arriving in China, he was playing live and performed with a number of bands including The Collective (集体乐队)Smiling KnivesThe Evil Deeds and The Beijing Dead
As a writer he’s covered the Chinese music scene for SCMP, SupChina and The Wire. You can follow Thomas’s journey here: www.thomasbird.info

Get ready with Cui Jian’s classic Nothing to My Name…
(learn more about the song’s history here.)

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