Try out teaching in Spain! 

Spend your summer in Andalusia teaching Spanish adults English through conversational activities. 

Our programme in Spain lasts one month, with teacher training, accommodation, and meals on the camps all funded. 

This programme is currently only open to students joining us with funding from partner universities (more info on this FAQ). 

The programme is intended to help you to launch a career in teaching abroad, and to develop and gain transferable skills to teach in Europe – or anywhere in the world.


Along the way, experience a fascinating new culture and language, and gain valuable qualifications and skills.



Upcoming intakes:
Our Europe summer camp dates are now listed at the bottom of this page. Read on and join us!


What does the programme involve?

This programme offers you an introduction to teaching abroad. You will gain knowledge and experience in teaching through one-on-one conversations and group activities with Spanish adults, while studying towards a TEFL certificate. During the programme you will:

Please note that this programme gives you teaching experience through leading games and conversational activities, rather than formal classroom teaching. This is a chance to develop your teaching skills through one-on-one and group activities with adults.

Why Spain?

Our programme in Spain mainly takes place in Andalusia in southern Spain. This area is rich in history and culture, with particular influence from Arab and Jewish cultures. There are remarkable examples of Arabic and Jewish architecture and religious sites, alongside delicious tapas in Granada, Cordoba and Seville, and other cities and towns in Andalusia. You will visit Granada at the end of your camps to learn more about the history.

The summer camp takes place in a small village surrounded by olive trees, where you will teach Spanish adult teachers who want to improve their fluency in English. This will give you experience in teaching adults, and an opportunity to chat and make friends with your students through fun activities. 

This is a great opportunity to explore Spain’s history and culture, and interrail beyond Andalucia after the camp. We offer support and advice from a team that includes both experienced travellers and qualified teachers, on top of the support that is offered by the camp you are on.

How can you secure funding?

We want to make teaching and travel more accessible, so we arrange funding for all our programmes. Our month-long programme in Spain is only available to students with funding from partner universities. 

You can learn more about the difference between each programme type on this FAQ.

Unsure which programme to do? Read this FAQ.

Don't just take our word for it...

Why Interrail?

Interrailing allows you to traverse the continent on your way to and from your summer camp. Turn your summer work experience into a real adventure. 

And if you are completing our programme with two weeks in Germany and two weeks in Spain, you will be reimbursed £250 towards your Interrail ticket: this will buy you a pass that lets you travel for 10 days over two months. 

If you are on your university funding and meet your university’s widening participation criteria, then you will also receive funding towards your travel.

How is your final camp location confirmed?

On the form below, you can confirm your interest in our Spain programmes, and also put your other preferences for programmes in Europe. You can see all our European programmes on this link. 

We will then speak with our partners across Europe and invite you to interview with the right camp for you. Some camps will require you to complete a pre-interview task as well to help them to get to know you better. 

Please note that team selection is a competitive process with our European partners and selections are made based on a range of factors, including a balance of skills and experience within a team. This means that your first choice cannot be guaranteed, but we will work with our partners to match you to one of your top five choices, and all of our camps will provide you with valuable teaching experience, the chance to backpack across Europe, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a local culture.

Please select your preferred options on the form below. Places are filled on a rolling basis so the sooner you make your selection, the better!

You can apply right now, just login!. If you don’t have an account yet, you can apply now on this page!