Gotoco Camp China

Invite your friends:

We can pair your application with a friend, so you can enjoy China together! Use the links below to invite your friends and see if they’ve applied. Don’t forget, you only need to get 10 people to come to China to earn funds towards a flight to China!

Help us recruit and earn £££

Please help us if you can! Its hard being a part-funded and free project. Among other things, we just don’t have the big marketing budgets of fee-levying orgs. We rely on our Gotoco’ers to help spread the word and recruit our teams. The links on this section mean that by simply posting an advert for us on Facebook or Insta or emailing it to your university mailserv, you could soon earn funding towards a flight to China!

Join our ambassador team

Interested in becoming more involved with Gotoco on campus? Apply to join us as a Campus Ambassador, and take on one of several roles: hold cultural events on campus, spread the word about programmes in China, join our university access initiative, have first access to new Gotoco projects, and network with like-minded students around the globe. And, best of all, earn funds towards your flight to China if you hit your goals!


Since 2011, more than 1,500 students from around the world have joined our programmes. Learn more about their experiences below or by clicking here!